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ABM 2024 Fees

*We accept payment by check, debit card or credit card, only.*

Item Being PaidFee Owed
Item Being PaidAnnual AssessmentFee Owed$248.85 (Due January 1)
Item Being PaidAssessment Late FeeFee Owed$24.00 (If not received by January 30)
Item Being PaidProperty Transfer FeeFee Owed$170.00
Item Being PaidDocumentation / Inspection FeeFee Owed$230.00
Item Being PaidRe-Inspection Fee (Same Transaction)Fee Owed$30.00
Item Being PaidReserve Funding Fee (Capital Investment)Fee Owed$400.00
Item Being PaidEscrow Rush FeeFee Owed$100.00
Item Being PaidRental Property Registration FeeFee Owed$85.00
Item Being PaidABM Lien FeeFee Owed$123.00
Item Being PaidSmall Claims Filing FeeFee Owed$100.00
Item Being PaidCC&R ViolationFee Owed$400.00 (Initial Attorney Fee)
Item Being PaidReturned Check ChargeFee Owed$25.00
Item Being PaidRefinance/PUD Disclosure Fee Fee Owed$30.00

*Please contact ABM to inquire if your property is within a sub-association to receive accurate escrow fees.